Friday, July 25, 2008

Sassy Bracelets

Here are a few of my Sassy Bracelets with Sassy Beads!!!! I must say I just love switching out all the beads and re-creating the bracelets. I could do this for hours making different's an addiction really :) Just thought I would share with all of you what you can do with your large hole beads! The combinations are endless!!!!

Hope your having a great Friday!


Kristen said...

Hey Carey!
I love your black and white one! That's the bomb!! I have mine too, although I have many different beads of the same color, made by various glass artists, some of yours are on there too! It is addicting, I have to agree with you! Everytime I see beads in that color, I grab them! I know I can expect more from you also because I know you know it's my favorite green! :) Are you studying??

SassyStoppers said...

Hi Kristen! Yes....I am's a painful process! I have been taking practice exams all morning (with a few breaks in between) I am about to run downstairs and look at a practice video exam :(
I'll be glad when this is all over :)

iluvk9 said...

Hi Carey,, Its me Ann I know,I know... I have been talking with a new friend & and its realy crazy at work right now... I just Love the new stuff its so beautiful.. Just wanted to drop by and sa HI!!!! Miss you , talk soon, Ann