Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

I am so sorry I have been "MIA" for the last several weeks!! It has been busy here, but I wanted to update everyone. I have not been at the torch now for over 2 weeks!!! I took a break and did not even realize it :) but I hope to be back at it by the weekend...
I decided to cancel my website.....I have a wonderful customer base here locally and I know you guys like to browse the site, but it's really not worth paying the monthly fees since I do not sell much through the guys would rather catch me in person and really that works well, so why "fix" it right? I will still keep using etsy for my bead sets....just have to actually get to the torch and make new bead sets!! It's on my "to do" list, I promise :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday and Happy New Year...we are really looking forward to 2009!!!

God bless and Happy Holidays !!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Today is Connie Sue's (AKA Nannie) Birthday!!!! Happy Birthday Mom!!! Wish we were there to celebrate with you! Like fine wine, your getting better with age :) We love you!!!
Carey, Scott, Hailey, Scott 2, Monie and Mia

Friday, December 5, 2008

Still here....

I'm still here :) It has been a busy week! Hailey had 3 teeth pulled yesterday (making room for braces). Poor baby....she's looking a little puny :(
I am having an open house tonight!!! If your in the area, stop by!
I had a huge order of Sterling Silver stolen off my front porch this week :( I was pretty sick about it on Tuesday, but have chocked it up to a "loss" and am moving on!) I have also talked with UPS and made it very clear to them that NOTHING is to be left at my house if no one is home. I would rather the inconvenience of going there to pick up my packages.
I made a bunch of beads last night preparing for tonights show....I am hoping to get more made early this morning.
I will post pictures of this evening!!
Have a great day!