Friday, July 11, 2008

Outta Control

There are a couple of lovely ladies at my job that are obsessed about the Euro add a bead bracelets who have been hounding me to make more large hole beads. Their bracelets are absolutely beautiful and are different every day because they have soooo many beads and they change them out depending on what they are wearing. Well, I was looking at my co-worker's bracelet and fell in love with one of her sterling silver beads that is a spiral and thought....that would be WAY cooler in glass! Let's just say I got a little carried away!!! I made so many spirals last night...I did not even take pictures of them all !!! Here are a few of them (oh and some funky disks too). I am off to torch for a while....I have a few custom orders to make and also a few ideas in my head :) Hope you guys are having a wonderful Friday!!!


cindy said...

Hi, Carey, I just love all the new creative beads you're coming up with! Thanks for the post about my pictures. I've just ordered a light tent with lights and tripod included so even better photography to come! (I'm always looking for ways to improve!
Hey, when's that contest starting?

Kristen said...

Yay Carey! Thata girl! Love those spirals! That's exactly what I wanted! You are such a good mind reader! Well I'm off, have to get ready for the rehearsal! Talk to you later on, I'm SURE!

iluvk9 said...

OH SO PREATY!!!! I just love those sprials !!!

SassyStoppers said...

Hey guys!! Thanks so much for the comments :)
Cindy, I think a light tent would be really helpful...also, dont be afraid to go outside and take advantage of that natural sunlight :)
I made the contest beads this morning.....the contest will begin tonight!!!!
Kristen, so glad I can read your mind :) it's about time!!! Good luck with the Wedding this weekend...I know it will go fantastically!!
Hi Ann!!! So glad you like the spirals....I have to tell ya...I really like them too!
More beads and contest beads tonight!!!!

Kristen said...

Hey Carey,
Just got back from the rehearsal! Boy was it hot! Ann and I got sunburn, I'll be sure to load up on sunscreen tomorrow! I see you are listing... I'm hangin' around for a bit, then heading to bed! :)