Saturday, July 5, 2008

Beads Beads!!

Well, I managed to make some beads last night, but let me tell you it wasn't easy!! I was working on my 3rd bead when I ran out of propane (dangit!!) I unhooked my tank...ran up to the store and exchanged it, got back home hooked it up and the darn thing wasnt working. I had a small panic attack thinking - holy cow either my torch or my regulator is not working!!! Then thought maybe it was the tank. Hmmmm....lets try the BBQ tank (the forbidden tank - the one NOT to use...even in an emergency). While I was pulling off the grill cover...I notice wasps coming out from under the grill!!!! (I am unreasonably TERRIFIED of bees and wasps) They were angry and I was petrified!!! After running and screaming back into the house I tried to figure out how exactly I was gonna get that tank. There were beads to be made and I had to figure out why the other tank wasn't working (I'm a determined bead maker). I got the flying insect spray, put on extra clothing hiding most of my bare skin and went on the counter attack! Thank heavens that that spray goes long distances!!! I started spraying the moment I went outside...just in case they saw me coming....and doused the entire underside of the grill (and half of the deck). There was a huge yellow jacket nest under there...right by where the hose attaches to the tank!!! I swapped out the tanks and yep, the forbidden BBQ tank worked (but it was almost empty) I went back to the store and got a new tank and after 1 hour of fooling around was finally back at the torch. Later, Scott called from work and I told him about the tanks and the wasps....he could not believe I went after the wasps and said "well that confirms are definitely the Crazy Bead Lady" So, I hope you like these beads...because boy did I go through great lengths to make them!!!

I love these colors together

more disks

and finally, a custom order "set"


Kristen said...

Hey you crazy bead lady!!! You go girl! Get that propane!! haha I hear you about the bees...I would have given up, for sure! I too am petrified! Your efforts were not in vain though, the beads are gorgeous!!!!

SassyStoppers said...

Hey Kristen!! Thanks, I am glad you like the beads :) I was running on desperation and adrenaline!!!