Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Beads

Finally new beads!! I hope you guys like them! The sets of 6 beads took longer to make than I originally thought they would, which is why they are priced more than my set of 6 disks...if you would like them in a different color, just let me know. I will be making more of these today!!!
Hope your having a great start to the holiday weekend!


cindy said...

Hi Carey,
Love the beads! Especially the ones that look light purple (?) to me. And the discs. I'll wait to see you post them in your shop.

Kristen said...

ha ha, They were posted and purchased! Even faster than I could ask for them! Cindy, did you get them? They looked REALLY cool!
Good Job Carey!

Kristen said...


It me your long lost friend Ann Marie. Went out with another new friend!!! (Lets hope the LAST)!!!! So how are you doing?? SORRY so late in saying CONGRATULATIONS on your PROMOTION!!!! Talk to you soon,

Ann Marie

SassyStoppers said...

Hi Ann, Kristen and Cindy! so good to hear from you guys....glad you liked the beads :) Cindy, they were up on etsy before they were here on the blog...but some of them did go quickly :) Glad you were able to snag 2 Kristen :) and Thanks Ann....I am excited about my new position...but not too thrilled with the 5 day work week :(
How did your outing with your new friend go?????? Hopefully really well :)
I made a few more sets today guys...will have them posted sometime tomorrow!

Kristen said...

Hey Carey, Let's talk turkey! ha ha I was thinking last night as I was making the fall pieces that I posted that we're going to need some more fall inspired beads! What do you have in your glass stash for fall colors, like amber, amethyst, cranberry, navy, dark brown, dark green? I know you have some but we'll need to brainstorm and have you make some cool new beads, maybe some different shapes? :) Don't you love me? I always keep you busy! Talk to you later, have a great Labor Day! You doing anything fun?

SassyStoppers said...

OOOOOHHHH Kristen I LOVE our brainstorming sessions :) :) :) I can always count on you for great inspiration and ideas!!!!! I love the colors your coming up for the shapes :) how about a long tube focal....or barrels....then there's always disks....I love talking turkey :) ha ha!!

Kristen said...

Carey, where the heck are ya? Busy with the new job? Hope you are well! Talk to you soon!