Friday, August 8, 2008

Back on Track!

Well, I am FINALLY finished with my exams for my Cardiac Sonographer Registry!!!!! Yay!!! This means I can focus once again on making beads!!! It has been a really intense and stressful couple of weeks for me while I prepared for these exams. I am so relieved and excited that they are over!!
I am so sorry for my absence and the lack of new beads. Thank you for hanging in here with me!!!
We are out of town this weekend, but starting Monday I will be back on track with new and fun Sassy Beads!!!

Thanks for your support and patience :)



Kristen said...

Yay Carey! Congrats on completing your exams! You have a GREAT weekend unwinding and relaxing and I'll talk to you when you get back! Have fun, tell Scott I said Hello! :)

Kristen said...

Hey I'm gone until Tuesday... we should chat when I get back. I am spending a couple day's with my family and a good friend who loves my jewelry. So I expect to have some orders to place with you for beads when I get back! :) Hope you're having fun, talk to you later!

iluvk9 said...

Hey girley!!!! Missed you I am so happy you are all done with your testing!!! I am soooo sad that this week didnt work out for us.... I dont know whaat i will do with out my friend for the next few days.... but thank goodness we both have cell phones!!! Talk to soon Ann Marie

SassyStoppers said...

Hi Ann and Kristen!!!! I am back home. We had a great time in Pittsburgh and went to Kennywood amusement park last was a great time! My plan was to relax and recoup, but instead I decided to tear down all the tile backsplash in our kitchen! We did not like the tile that was in there and it did not match the kitchen or the house. When I got home tonight, I was just suddenly inspired to tear it all out (not an easy feat) Ha ha!! Well, I guess tomorrow I will start the re-tiling process :) I hope to surprise Scott when he gets home with a new kitchen :)
I am sorry that this week didnt work out, but as it turned out I would not have been able to get off work either! Not to worry though....we will get together soon!
Talk with you 2 ladies soon....I am off to bed!