Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm Still Here :)

I have been working on orders this morning (despite how beautiful it is outside) :) :)

I was really hoping to jump right back in to bead making since my Echo boards are finally over (yay), but I have really been slacking :( I think I really needed the mental break and am glad to say that it felt really good sitting at the torch today! I will hopefully have those orders and a few additional items posted this evening as soon as the kiln cools down and I get some pictures of the new beads. I only worked with boro today, so the orders for the wine stoppers have not been completed yet, but I am hoping to make those beauties tonight!
Thank you for hanging in there with me during my beading "break".

A quick update on my plans for the coming week.
My sweet little munchkin, Hailey is coming home tomorrow from her fun summer vacation with grandma!!! We are running away to Mexico on Wednesday for her Birthday (big # 11) and we will be back next Sunday. (I know, I know....I finally get back into making beads and now I'm running off to lay on the beach for 5 days.....again...hang in here with me please :) :))
All orders placed after Tuesday will be shipped out on Monday the 24th!! Just think of the fabulous inspiration I will get from that fun Mexican atmosphere and beautiful Caribbean water :) :)

I will be back later to post those pictures!! I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


iluvk9 said...

Hi Carey, its me Ann Marie I know we havent talked in a long time.. Good for you I hope you get inspired by all that beautiful blue waters and make some great beads !! Ha ha!!! You always make great beads whatever color you choose but you know that blue is my favorite!!! Well to keep you up to date I got rid of the overbearing man that was in my life!! I feel like my old self again YEA!!! Besides Kristen did not like him much, I gave him a chance just not for me. And on a much Happier note I finally got my promotion at work I only interviewed for it in April. thats all for now I promis I will keep in touch HAVE A GREAT DAY !!! ANN MARIE

SassyStoppers said...

Hi Ann Marie!!! So great to hear from you! Sorry about the man, but it sounds like it was a good move :)
Yay!!! hooray for you on the big promotion!!! That is fantastic!
We all need to go out for Mexican food to celebrate :)

Thanks for the update, Keep in touch :)

iluvk9 said...

Dont be sorry about him it was for the best!!!! That sounds great we will have to plan a weekend trip,but you cheating your going to Mexico the food just wont compair. Have a great rest of your day! Ann Marie

Kristen said...

Yeah, really... I mean you can't beat the Mexican food in MEXICO, right?? We'll just live vicariously through you and Hailey for now... Ann we'll have to hit On The Border for our own treat! Tell Hailey Happy Birthday from us! Meg is right behind her turning 10 next month! I'll be getting the invites in the mail in a week or so! Hope you have a great time, and soak up all the inspiration you can so you can come back refreshed and ready to go!

Did Scott like your tile job??

SassyStoppers said...

Hi Miss Kristen!!!! Next time you and Ann will have to join us in sunny Mexico!!!!
Scott loved the tile job and was really excited about how it turned out :)
I will be looking for my invitation in the mail :) :) :)