Sunday, May 4, 2008

She's Alive!

Oh my goodness, has it already been more than a week? I am terrible at this...ok will push on. It has been a busy busy week, but unfortunately not because I have made hundreds of beads....I am getting back in gear and really glad to finally get back at the torch. Also, tomorrow I will have the house all to myself (I have the day off work - YEAH) and will spend all morning making new goodies!!!

Here is what I did accomplish in the past several days though...

Here is the stash from a bead making session! I just love beads...I love the way they feel in your hands and I love all the different colors you can achieve....I'm obsessed.....I think that is ONE reason why I am called CBL here at my house ....(Crazy Bead Lady)

I just love these rings....they would also make great sliders!

Disks....great colors and textures...I never get tired of disks. They are so versatile!

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Kristen said...

Hey there!
I love your little bead stash! I know a couple of those are coming my way! ha ha It's been a crazy weekend here too, but I made a little money at the "rain fest" as you saw so keep making those pretties and I'll keep buying them!