Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A New Shape!!!

How do you feel about abstract cones? I was admiring the stash of beads that Kristen of MJM Jewelry Designs got while at a bead fest and could not resist the cone shaped beads she got!! I just had to try out the shape! Let me know what you think!

Of course I had to add colorful bumps! They would not be Sassy beads without some texture!!!

They would be great for earring pairs or spectacular on their own as focals......

These are my personal favorites! I love the blues and purples!!

1 comment:

Kristen said...

You go girl!! I love the cones! You nailed them too! I was going to email you to tell you to try them out and you beat me to the punch! I'm getting a pair of these... so go check for my order! ha ha