Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Biker Beads and Motorcycle Mama's

Well, here is one of the reasons I have been neglecting my blog... You see, the weather here is finally starting to feel like Spring and just over a month ago Scott and I went out and got motorcycles. I have not mentioned it before because I am still letting my parents get used to the idea :) :) I love you mom and dad :) :) Don't they look like fun??? I am going to have to start making Biker Beads now ~ LOL!!!

Here is Scott on his Victory Vegas! Isn't he cute :) :)

This is me on my Yamaha V-Star :) uuuhh...no mom, I do not ride in capris and flip flops - or tank tops :)

and here is Mia......look at that face...she is upset because she didn't get one :( It is impossible to get mad at her because she uses those eyes on you!!

I have been making beads...It was a busy busy etsy weekend for me (thank you to all of my wonderful and loyal customers). I have a few new goodies up and promise to have more up very soon! The other thing that has been occupying my time is my preparation for the Echocardiography boards!!! Aaaahhh...they are making me crazier than I already am. I promise, in the near future all of these extra stressors will be gone and I can focus on making beads almost daily again :) Thanks for your support and patience :)


cfontenot said...

Mom here - bikes are cute - but not the thought of you two riding around on them in traffic. What is the matter with you two. The older you get you seem to acquire more education and talent...but where is the intelligents???

Mia and I both have the same facial expression - unhappy.

Please don't ride where there are any other vehicles. Wear full body gear...your bike looks longer than Scott's...yiikeees you stick out longer in traffic...I am having a heart attack...better send me a "get well bead" quick!
Love Mom

Kristen said...

I'm with mom and Mia... I have the unhappy face too! :( ha ha I'm not a big fan of motorcycles, but I AM a big fan of yours!! So please be careful!

You remind me of someone... Can't put my finger on it right now, but it will come to me!! You guys make a lovely couple! I'm still waiting for the earring picture! :)

Have fun and be safe on those things!

SassyStoppers said...

Hi mom and Kristen!! Promise to be safe...I am actually a big scaredy cat and dont get on the "big roads". Kristen I am still working on that earring picture! Promise!! As soon as I am able to pin him down I am sending it to you :) :)