Thursday, April 24, 2008

Oh how I wish I could work that darn wire!!

Well here is a fantastic example of why I do not make jewelry :) I had this great idea for a ring, made the beads and then it all fell apart when I actually started the wire work...ya know in my mind it was really much easier LOL. Oh well... here is what I came up with. What I really should have done is had Kristen of MJM Jewelry Designs hook me up with the wire work....she makes amazing rings!! Check them out here!
Anyway, yesterday it occured to me.....why not make the entire thing out of glass. So that is just what I did. I am waiting (very impatiently I might add) for my kiln to cool down.....I will share the pics with you as soon as I get my hands on it :)

This ring now belongs to a wonderful new customer.....hopefully she doesn't laugh too hard when she opens up her package and gets a good look at my wiring ability :) Go easy on me!!

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