Sunday, November 9, 2008

Crazy little cluster rings!

Here is the bottom of the ring as requested by Kristen. I curled the ends of 16G wire, hammered it flat and bent.....voilla......... what do you think? you know I'm terrible at wire work!

How fun are these crazy little cluster rings!!!! i got the idea from Poppi......putting these guys together was a little nerve racking, but in the process I came up with a great idea!!! I will be making a "minor" adjustment to my tiny beads and hopefully will have them put together soon to share with you all!! What do you think of my cluster rings???


Kristen said...

Very good Carey!! I want to see the bottom! Can you put up a photo of the underside! :)

Kristen said...

YAY! Good job Carey! You're going to put me out of business! :)

SassyStoppers said...

No way.....not possible! I'm stickin to making beads :)

Kristen said...

ha ha You crack me up. Very good try, and like we discussed... Rings are so hard because peoples finger sizes are all so different! It pains me to take apart a glass bead ring to resize! But we all do what we must! :)