Friday, June 26, 2009

Finally Friday!!!

Well, Wednesday night was a BLAST!! It was madness much can you pack into 2 hours? ALOT apparently :) Thanks to everyone that showed was a great evening! And WELCOME to all my new customers :) I hope this is the start of a long beady friendship :)

Well...I'm thrilled it's Friday!! Whew...what a week. I have one custom order to make and TONS of website updating to do....but that will have to wait until the morning.....tonight its just Mexican food and relaxing (probably getting to bed early too)!

Oh..... I'm not gonna give it away just yet...but I placed an order today that will make my future beads all the more "Sassy"!!!!! Cant wait to show you!!! Be sure to check back!!


Kristen said...

oh you know you have to spill it to ME! :)

Carey said...

Ha ha!!! I may even keep it from you LOL!!! You will have to wait and see!!! I'm SSSOOOOOO excited about it!!!!!! Okay...I might cave for you LOL!!