Friday, December 5, 2008

Still here....

I'm still here :) It has been a busy week! Hailey had 3 teeth pulled yesterday (making room for braces). Poor baby....she's looking a little puny :(
I am having an open house tonight!!! If your in the area, stop by!
I had a huge order of Sterling Silver stolen off my front porch this week :( I was pretty sick about it on Tuesday, but have chocked it up to a "loss" and am moving on!) I have also talked with UPS and made it very clear to them that NOTHING is to be left at my house if no one is home. I would rather the inconvenience of going there to pick up my packages.
I made a bunch of beads last night preparing for tonights show....I am hoping to get more made early this morning.
I will post pictures of this evening!!
Have a great day!


Kristen said...

Carey, still really mad about that stolen stuff! You are looking at it the right way though! Have a GREAT show tonight! I wish I was closer, you know I'd be there! Let me know how you make out! Tell Hailey that we're thinking about her, eats lots of Ice Cream! :)

SassyStoppers said...

Thanks Kristen :) Poor little munchkin...she has 3 big holes in her mouth :( I wish you were closer too!! by the way, the set you made last night is amazing!!!