Monday, October 13, 2008

Slacker :)

Holy cow, how long has it been! I'm really sorry for the lack of postings (and lack of beads). Ever since my surgery I just didn't seem to "bounce back". Yesterday and today were the first days I have felt "normal"....whatever that means :)
I did get to the torch tonight! I made another set of hollows and a bunch of Pandora style beads for the ladies at work. They have been pounding at my door everyday wondering when the new beads were coming in.
I also plan to do some torching tomorrow night for etsy so check back to see what's new. I will post tonights beads tomorrow so you can see what I was up to. I hope everyone has a great night!


Kristen said...

Yay! Carey's back! So glad to see you back on my friend! I hear you about moving slow, I am too. Time to rally! I've got to get on the stick too! Let's chat later, you always motivate me! :)

SassyStoppers said...

Hey there my friend! I will call you later, it's you that motivates me :) I have a few "events" to add to our other blog :) YAY